silver pomfret fish by R2G Hospitality Solutions

silver pomfret fish by R2G Hospitality Solutions

about silver pomfret fish ?

This fish is prized in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region for its taste. Its flesh is soft and buttery when cooked. It is called pamplet in Mumbai and vawall in parts of South India. It is called zubaidi in Arabic, which is derived from the word zubdah, which means butter, due to its tender flesh. In Malaysia it is known as bawal putih.

In Korea, the fish is known as byeongeo

silver pomfret fish

R2G Hospitality solutions offer silver pomfret fish under diffrent packages . the price of packages may differ from size to size


size of one silver pomfret fish is approx 1kg to 1.5 kg. the size may varies from fish to fish depending on age of fish


1kg = 1300 INR.


The delivery of silver pomfret fish is free and the price shown above is inclusive of delivery charges.

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