KING PRAWNS- Headless Tail on Prawns – R2G Hospitality Solutions

KING PRAWNS- Headless Tail on Prawns – R2G Hospitality Solutions

Hello , are you looking for some special king prawns in Chandigarh or other states of northern india. you are at a right place R2G Hospitality solution deals in king prawns India and prawns in india. we provides complete range of  sea foods .

well if you are running a hospitality business ie.  restaurant , hotel , online shop or even if you need prawns for your home use then you can contact us and we can fulfill your requirement of king prawns within a satisfactory time and at an easy price.

we provides best in quality products to all over the India it means R2G hospitality solutions never let you compromise in the quality of products . all the sea foods, prawns and fishes are stored in our cold-stores with proper due and care . we believes in serving best in quality products to our customers. we have special cold store rooms for frozen food and sea food. all the fishes including king prawns are directly catched from Bay of Bengal and Mumbai.  we ensure the freshness of prawns we sells.

about king prawns

king prawns - headless tail prawns - R2G Hospitality Solutions

Prawn is a common name for small aquatic crustaceans with an exoskeleton and ten legs (i.e. a member of the order decapoda), some of which can be eaten. There are thousands of different species of prawn, but tiger, king and North Atlantic are the most commonly sold in the UK. They are fished in both the ocean and fresh water, and are farmed as well as wild.

Types of king prawns we deals in

pieces per KG.  PRICE
6 to 8 pieces per KG headless tail on scampy 1600
10 to 16 pieces per KG headless jumbo tail on prawn 1400
18 to 22 pieces per KG headless a grade tail onprawn 1200
25 to 32 pieces per KG headless tail on prawns 1000
35 to 42 pieces per KG B grade tail on prawn 850
45 to 52 pieces per KG C grade tail on prawns 750
60 to 75 pieces per KG mini tail on prawns 650
90 to 100 pieces per KG shrimps 550
small size shrimps 450

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so want to buy king prawns of best quality , what are you waiting for just pickup your phone and order now your fresh king prawns

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if you have any querries regarding price quality , quantity or delivery of  king prawns you can ask us here

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